What Does audioflow bonus Mean?

Take care of for problem where by maximum quantity receives reset to 70 when 'Zone Settings' button is pressed for The 1st time

Carried out these new calls for 2 sequence Manage techniques and extra a method to apply for TPSB/G panels.

DisplayListSend - Fastened bug which filed to give "File not found" mistake in the event the file was lacking. Resulted in "No file have to have updating" message.

Altered conduct to make sure that user isn't really prompted to avoid wasting a different Command or Celebration when a type hasn't still been chosen.

Mounted an intermittent challenge in which when loading preset, the parametric EQ graph might not have current.

Fixed bug wherever XPanels wouldn't load in the procedure upload till they ended up uploaded independently first.

Adjusted watchdog timeout for Program Restart to actually slow question from sluggish question. Also included an error if we timeout during the restart progress.

Fastened bug wherever HW stream Management options may be missing if the cable wasn't connected. Library overrode options but hardly ever set them back until finally the port was check here re-opened.

For DisplayListSend for cresnet and viaSlot procedures, examining hex file for goal panel sort header. If valid and would not match, question the user to deliver in any case?

In CSession::StartAutonomousAction, included a call to ProcessMessages(0) just before the wait to allow processing of any pending messages just before waiting.

FileSystem - make certain any dir has the trailing backslash. TPMC panels fail if it is not there. two series Handle units choose it In either case so we put it in for all. Challenge resulted in "Error retrieving prohect data" for Exhibit assignments.

Adjusted conduct of add dialog such that although the file is just not identified, the device continues to be added towards the list.

Adjusted low-degree serial port read through timeoutes to study additional facts at a time. This fixes buffer overrun issues with substantial amounts of fast facts.

Set a problem stopping you from picking detachable media / Compact Flash when loading a plan.

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